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    Modern orthopedic clinic - Wasz Ortopeda - specializes in the treatment of joint diseases.

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  • GOLDIC®-Therapy

    The revolutionary GOLDIC® therapy is now available at Wasz Ortopeda center in Szczecin!

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    Orthokine® therapy helps thousands of people around the world to get rid of annoying joint and spine pain each year – see how one of the most effective biological therapies works!

  • Stem cells

    The Angel System® modern technology of stem cell separation guarantees the best separation of stem cells, both mesenchymal and hematopoietic, in the world.

Wasz Ortopeda orthopedic clinic - Szczecin

Wasz Ortopeda is a modern Orthopedic Clinic which has a team of qualified doctors who specialize in the treatment of joint diseases and provide their services privately. Our orthopedic clinic provides access to the most innovative and effective biological therapies characterized by low invasiveness. The therapies we use are designed to inhibit or even stop osteoarthritis. Their additional advantage is bringing relief to patients suffering from chondromalacia of the articular cartilage or acute arthrosis.

Wasz Ortopeda orthopedic clinic is located in Szczecin. By registering in our clinic, you can be sure that your problem will be treated by the best orthopedist in Poland. Our specialists are experienced orthopedic doctors dealing with the treatment of back pain, joint pain, injuries, post-accident conditions, degenerative joint diseases and arthritis. Our orthopedic clinic targets people of all ages who suffer from joint and spine diseases.

Orthokine® therapy access

Orthopedics is a rapidly developing field of medicine. The development of orthopedics is also visible in our clinic - we offer an innovative Orthokine® therapy, one of the most popular in the world methods of treatment of ailments caused by joint diseases. Orthokine® therapy is based on administering a mixture of autologous serum proteins derived from the patient’s own blood that does not contain any foreign substances. This is why Orthokine® therapy is completely safe for the patients health, and at the same time not very invasive.

The best orthopedic clinic welcomes you

People suffering with joint and spine pain are welcome to use our modern therapies - by coming to us, you can regain lost comfort of life. Wasz Ortopeda is the best orthopedic clinic in Szczecin – experienced orthopedists are waiting for you in a modern clinic equipped with technologically advanced medical equipment. Everyone can register in our clinic, regardless of age or type of medical problem.

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Joint regeneration by biological methods

Treatment of joints does not have to involve surgery. The development of biological therapies has provided us with access to minimally invasive methods of joint regeneration.

The most effective treatment methods:

  • RenehaVis therapy
  • Orthokine® therapy
  • Angel System® therapy

wszystkie terapie regeneracja stawow

Differences between tendons and ligaments

Ligament is a band of durable connective tissue designed to connect bones and strengthen joints. Tendon is a fibrous band with a whitish-silver color, made up of dense connective tissue, which is an extension of the muscle to the point of its attachment.

Causes of a partially torn tendon:

  • excessive tension of ligaments, tendons or muscles,
  • falls,
  • sprains of the joints.


Causes of the backbone pain

The unpleasant backbone pain concerns not only the elderly. More and more often, younger people are struggling with similar ailments, especially those who lead a sedentary lifestyle, deprived of physical activity.

Causes of the backbone pain:

  • sedentary lifestyle
  • overweight
  • diseases of internal organs

bol kregoslupa

What is heel spur?

A heel spur is a bony process appearing in the place of the plantar aponeurosis attachment, i.e. where the heel bone is connected to the plantar aponeurosis.

We distinguish between the lower and the upper spur:

  • Lower spur – in the initial phase of the condition the patient feels pain under the heel during movement, most often just after waking up.
  • Upper spur – pain appears around the Achilles tendon attachment


Treating joints with biological therapy

Arthrosis is a degenerative disease of the joints, which cannot be completely cured – this does not mean, however, that there are no ways to slow down the disease.

What does Orthokine® therapy involve?

  • Blood is taken from the patient and stored in an incubator (at 37 °C), where the synthesis of protective proteins takes place.
  • Serum with protective proteins is separated from the blood clot.
  • Serum with proteins is injected into the affected joint of the patient.


Check out the latest developments in molecular biology

Damage to muscles, tendons and cartilage as well as damage to tissues that need to be restored.

Why choose the Angel System®?

  • Safety
  • Quickly visible effects
  • Revolutionary technology
  • Comfort




We use the most effective methods to alleviate joint ailments, which are used in renowned clinics around the world. Even today you can find out how much orthopedics has developed and taken advantage of the latest developments in medicine offered by our orthopedic clinic. We provide access to modern therapies used to treat joint and spine pain, such as stem cell treatment and biological therapies addressed to athletes. Each therapy is conducted in accordance with the highest standards of medical ethics, and our modern orthopedic office is one of the most technologically advanced places on the medical map of Szczecin.

A private owned orthopedic clinic Wasz Ortopeda in Szczecin provides:

  • the most recent biological therapies used in renowned orthopedic clinics around the world;
  • minimally invasive treatment of ailments associated with joints (e.g. Orthokine®);
  • stem cell therapy;
  • the possibility to be under the care of the best orthopedists specializing in biological therapies;
  • access to a wide range of therapies including treatment of spinal and joint disorders;
  • individual approach to the patient;
  • short waiting time for an appointment;
  • comfortable atmosphere.

What waits for Patients in Wasz Ortopeda clinic?

  • diagnostics and consultations with a certified orthopedist;
  • treatment with the Angel System® stem cells;
  • Orthokine® therapy;
  • therapy with PRP platelet rich plasma;
  • treatment of heel spurs;
  • joint regeneration;
  • treatment of joint and spine pain;
  • biological therapies addressed to athletes;
  • hyaluronic acid injections;
  • joint punctures;
  • medical protection (Specialist ambulance).

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