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Treatment with PRP

Check out the latest developments in molecular biology

Damage to muscles, tendons and cartilage as well as damage to tissues that need to be restored.

Why choose the Angel System®?

  • Safety
  • Quickly visible effects
  • Revolutionary technology
  • Comfort


Check out the latest developments in molecular biology and let your body rebuild damaged tissues with the Angel System® method!

The goal of modern medicine is to reduce invasiveness and time of treatments, as well as to minimize unpleasant pain in patients. Therefore, non-invasive medical procedures are becoming more and more popular. Their characteristic feature is the stimulation of the body’s natural regenerative abilities. The most modern and most effective treatment methods include PRP treatment, i.e. therapy using platelet-rich plasma. PRP is a concentrate of autologous human blood platelets in high concentration. The PRP growth factor allows regeneration of muscle, tendon and cartilage injuries.

PRP treatment quickly produces the expected results – as a result of the therapy, the body is strongly stimulated to regenerate damaged tendons, cartilage, ligaments or muscles. PRP treatment is effective only with the use of specialized equipment that allows the separation of pure PRP. Without the use of modern equipment, we get a preparation consisting only of 10% of PRP growth factors (90% of the preparation is useless PPP platelet poor plasma) from the centrifuged blood of the patient – such a small amount is not enough to effectively initiate regeneration processes. In Szczecin, we have a technologically advanced cellular separator with the Angel System® laser optical sensor which allows the extraction of 100% pure blood platelets from the collected material.

Why choose the Angel System®?

  • Safety – the process of obtaining concentrate is completely automated.
  • Quickly visible effects – results are noticeable after the first treatment.
  • Revolutionary technology – an unrivaled method of bone marrow treatment ensuring reproducibility of the degree of stem cell concentration. Repeatability and full automation of the process make the effects of therapy predictable, in contrast to other methods that use a small amount of blood and are based on the method of multiplication, thus making it impossible to predict the success of the therapy.
  • Comfort – fast-felt effects of therapy and its full predictability ensure the highest comfort, incomparable with other therapeutic methods.

Indications for the procedure:

Damage to muscles, tendons and cartilage as well as damage to tissues that need to be restored.

What is the procedure?

PRP is administered to the patient by intra-articular or periarticular injection. In some cases, the injection is carried out under ultrasound guidance. The procedure is minimally invasive and short, and its characteristic feature is safety resulting from the use of factors from the patient’s own blood, which prevents the occurrence of an allergic reaction. Tissue regeneration processes, the formation of new blood vessels and the production of collagen are stimulated as a result of the treatment.

Treatment with PRP – advantages:

  • the high efficiency of the Angel System® therapy reaching over 98%;
  • minimally invasive procedure;
  • minimal pain;
  • safety for the patient – no side effects or allergic reactions;
  • quick recovery after the procedure.
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