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The revolutionary GOLDIC® therapy is now available at Wasz Ortopeda center in Szczecin!

As confirmed by researchers, gold has a positive effect on the human immune system and has many healing properties. You can say that gold is one of the oldest medicines known to mankind.

GOLDIC is an abbreviation for Gold Induced Cytokines. What are the cytokines? It is a broad category of proteins produced by leukocytes that play an important role in the transmission of signals in cells, in cell differentiation and the regulation of their growth. Their functions are crucial to immune reactions as well as inflammatory and regenerative processes. The cells of the immune system together with cytokines are involved in all wound healing processes, stimulating tissue regeneration by controlling cell growth, as well as stimulating cellular metabolism, differentiation and protein synthesis.

leczenie złotem za pomocą terapii Goldic

How does GOLDIC® therapy work?

The revolutionary GOLDIC® therapy causes the damaged tissue to be regenerated by stimulating the body’s forces. Autologous, anti-inflammatory and regenerative cytokines play a key role in the stimulation. GOLDIC® therapy provides for gold particles contact with endogenous blood cells outside the human body. Gold inhibits the processing of antigens because it is absorbed by macrophages and stored in lysosomes.

The aim of GOLDIC® therapy

The goal of the modern GOLDIC® therapy is repairment of muscle injuries. This method is based on stimulating the regeneration of damaged tissues, and because it is characterized by fast wound healing, it does not carry the risk of scarring and at the same time, it stimulates the new tissue to grow. GOLDIC® therapy is most often used to treat problems of the muscular and skeletal system.

Stages of treatment with GOLDIC® therapy

The treatment consists of several stages:

  1. Blood from the patient is taken without the use of anticoagulant and other additives;
  2. The blood is prepared using the GOLDIC® kit containing gold particles and a filter designed to prevent injection of gold into the serum;
  3. The serum is processed by incubating GOLDIC® tubes with gold particles and patient’s blood for 24 hours;
  4. The serum enriched with growth factors and cytokines is separated from other blood cells;
  5. The patient is injected with serum – during one treatment we make 4 injections and the treatment is repeated every 3-5 days.

terapia goldic

Applications of GOLDIC® therapy

Modern GOLDIC® therapy is used most often in patients suffering from:

  • acute trauma of ligaments, muscles and tendons
  • abnormal wound healing;
  • articular cartilage defects resulting from injuries;
  • radiculopathy and pseudo-radiculopathy caused by disc hernias.

GOLDIC® therapy is also used in patients who have undergone arthroscopic reconstructions in the joints or cartilage grafts. In these cases, the therapy is aimed at accelerating the regeneration of the cartilage. GOLDIC® therapy features include high effectiveness and safety for the patient. This method is among the treatments of individualized regenerative medicine, the most recent field of modern medicine designed to cause permanent structural changes of tissues using minimally invasive methods. Regenerative medicine is a chance for patients suffering from incurable diseases. The goal of regenerative medicine is to stimulate regeneration at the cellular level.

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