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Stem cells

Stem cell treatment already available in Szczecin! We offer access to the Angel System® – the most recent system of stem cell separation.

Check out the latest developments in molecular biology and let your body rebuild damaged tissues!

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Angel System® – stem cells – Szczecin

The Angel System® modern technology of stem cell separation guarantees the best separation of stem cells, both mesenchymal and hematopoietic, in the world. Why? Because only the Angel System® ensures the highest concentration of undamaged preparation. The Angel System® technology makes it possible to separate stem cells derived from platelets or bone marrow. The Angel System® is a reliable method used in patients requiring regeneration after injuries to the tendons, cartilage and muscles. The exclusive Angel System® therapy is used by the most famous celebrities!

Why choose the Angel System®?

  • Safety – the process of obtaining concentrate is completely automated.
  • Quickly visible effects – results are noticeable after the first treatment.
  • Revolutionary technology – an unrivaled method of bone marrow treatment ensuring reproducibility of the degree of stem cell concentration. Repeatability and full automation of the process make the effects of therapy predictable, in contrast to other methods that use a small amount of blood and are based on the method of multiplication, thus making it impossible to predict the success of the therapy.
  • Comfort – fast-felt effects of therapy and its full predictability ensure the highest comfort, incomparable with other therapeutic methods.

In addition to the fact that the Angel System® separates stem cells, this method is also used to treat blood – this way it is possible to separate pure platelets, or growth factors (PRP). The Angel System® separator enables the highest concentration of PRP.

Angel System® + bone marrow = stem cells
Angel System® + blood = PRP

Treatment with stem cells is recommended for people with the following conditions:

  • chondromalacia of articular cartilage;
  • tissue damage;
  • advanced osteoarthritis (arthrosis) – especially acute conditions accompanied by loss of articular cartilage;
  • damage to muscles and tendons.

Mesenchymal stem cells (MKM) have the potential to form various cell types that are part of skeletal tissues (e.g. bone, cartilage, fat). The treatment of cartilage tissue or bone diseases with stem cells is still being researched. Some studies also focus on another group of medical conditions, but the scientific basis for such studies has not yet been accepted.

Mesenchymal stem cells – possibilities

Mesenchymal stem cells are both an example of tissue and “adult” stem cells. A characteristic feature of MSC is multipotency, meaning the predisposition to differentiate into a larger number of specialized cell types found in the human body. Many such cells found in skeletal tissues are able to create MSC. Therefore, they can differentiate into osteoblasts (bone cells), adipocytes (fat cells) or chondrocytes (cartilage cells). Each cell is characterized by its specific structure, function and shape.

According to the initial research results, mesenchymal stem cells are able to differentiate into other types of cells that do not belong to skeletal cells group (including liver, nerve cells, endothelium, cardiac muscle). These findings, however, have not been 100% confirmed – this ability is the result of the synthesis of newly formed cells with specialized cells, which could result in drawing false conclusions about MSC’s abilities. Moreover, many research results have been distorted due to the addition of chemical cells to the laboratory culture of differentiated cells.

To sum up:

  • MSC differentiate into bone, fat and cartilage cells (confirmed);
  • MSC have the ability to create other cells in the body (unconfirmed).

Where are stem cells located?

The bone marrow is the place where MSC were found for the first time. Since then, many researchers have tried to prove that stem cells can also be found in other tissues, including adipose tissue, muscles or umbilical cord blood. However, the relationship of cells found in tissues other than bone marrow has not been clearly demonstrated.

Source: www.eurostemcell.org/pl/

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